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Nancy Crossley, an International Makeup Artist, has worked on celebrities, TV personalities, actors and sports stars for most of her life. Every time she prepared for a client, she worried about cross-contamination from the makeup products she was using. After consulting with some of the world’s most talented and renowned makeup artists, Nancy saw it was clear that a professional product, which sanitizes makeup products without drying out or altering the makeup, was needed in the industry. Therefore, she started BeautySoClean, currently known as the World’s First and Only Makeup Cleaning System!

BeautySoClean’s celebrated product benefits and competitive advantage include:

  • Cleans, Rejuvenates and Removes Bacteria without altering the formulation of the makeup
  • Doesn’t dry out, crack or alter the colour of the makeup
  • Does not leave residue on cosmetic tools, client’s face or on the makeup
  • Dermatology tested – non-irritating
  • 100% effective in 10 seconds
  • Fast drying
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Conditions and ensures a longer cosmetic life

Benefits to its clients include:

  • Using BeautySoClean ensures that all cosmetic products and testers are safe, hygienic and ready for the next client, therefore ensuring confidence in the product and/or service
  • Establishes a competitive edge for makeup artists through a safe and trusted product relevant to women’s health and wellness needs
  • Encourages client loyalty because they will know you are dedicated to safeguarding their health with the science of BeautySoClean
  • Creates a level of professional confidence and ability through illustrating the regular use of a product that will protect the client
  • Guarantees the continuous quality of products without altering makeup’s color, consistency or effectiveness, therefore extending the lifespan of cosmetic products for maximum usage

BeautySoClean has been used for some time by industry makeup artists in North America, from Hollywood to New York. To name a few, it was found in the sets of: Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, All my Children, The View, International Fashion Week and Good Morning America.