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Cricket & Centrix

For over 35 years, The Cricket Company has developed products with attention to design and quality for the demanding professional. Products have always been designed with the most up-to-date technology and features to help salon professionals utilize their creative talent for the best end results. Cricket’s success is based on customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

The Salon Concepts philosophy is so much more than products - it is based on a superior understanding of the hairdressing industry together with an intense interest in each stylist’s unique needs.

The heart and soul of our brand lies with our business professionals and our extensive product knowledge. Salon Concepts is committed to the distribution and development of high quality products that perform and deliver results that exceed the stylist’s requirements.


Comfort of use and design are essential to optimize hairdressing techniques. Therefore, all brushes and combs are designed to bring out the best results, and made to meet the most demanding and discriminating hair stylists’ need.


With the collection of Scissors, the professional stylist will discover quality, superior comfort and award-winning Scissors in 3 separate categories. And when a stylist purchases Scissors from Salon Concepts, they become a customer for life; satisfaction with the brand’s products’ performance, design, quality, and service is paramount.


Salon Concepts has been the industry leader in fine salon apparel for many years. Everything the stylist needs is available...haircutting cloths, all purpose capes, shampoo capes, aprons, and client/stylist cover ups. Our collection is not only functional but also offers quality material/finishing, cutting edge fashion, style, promotional colors/patterns and a wide variety of price points for the professional salon.

Where to buy (offline shopping)

Please email to set appointment with our direct sales to present to you all Salon Concepts Professional Salon Tools.