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EG MosRepel Repellents are ideal for safe and effective protections against mosquitoes, sand flies, march flies (horseflies, stable flies, black flies) Tsetse flies, bird lice, ticks, leeches, fleas and bed bugs. You can use EG Products whenever and wherever you want; or when you are involved in outdoor, indoor or leisure activities.

EG’s production techniques are based on effective formulation of two natural essences: Citronella Oil and Geranoil. The repellent will vaporise from the surface of the products slowly and steadily and ensures the effectiveness of MosRepel Repellents are longer-lasting than other brands.

EG’s famous anti-mosquito products include Kids Anti Mosquito Bracelet, Anti Mosquito Patch, Adult Anti Mosquito Bracelet and Anti Mosquito Sachet.

EG Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

The EG Waterproof Mosquito Repellent Bracelet contains US EPA approved natural essential extract, it slowly releases fragrance effectively keep mosquito away up to 180 hours.


  • 180 Hours Repellent: Effective for more than 180 hours with University test report. Compared with similar products, EG Anti Mosquito Bracelet can last 7 times longer
  • Low Average Cost: Cost per day is much lower than competing products. After usage, if bracelet is stored in sealed zipper bag or container, repellent efficiency will not be consumed
  • Non-Chemical Ingredient: Natural Essence, US EPA & CE EN71 approved, DEET Free, Non-Toxic and Safe to human and environment
  • Waterproof: Effectiveness will not be affected by sweating and waterproof material is ideal for water-related activities

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