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Interchangeables Blush & Glow Gift Set



Interchangeable is a customizable earth-friendly design aimed to make you feel beautiful with less waste.




  • LARGE HANDLE: Connect any green brush head to your green brush handle.
  • ANGLED SCULPT LARGE BRUSH HEAD: Use this brush to add depth to your cheekbones, forehead, and jawlines.
  • SKIN COMPLEXION LARGE BRUSH HEAD: A unique head with a divot is perfect for applying a perfectly measured amount of skincare or liquid makeup.
  • PRIMER APPLICATOR LARGE BRUSH HEAD: Densely packed bristles create the ideal shape and texture to apply primers and skincare.
  • REUSABLE TIN STORAGE: Take your brushes on the go using the storage tin with a lid.

Interchangeables Blush & Glow Gift Set

SKU: ET-3201

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